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surprise surprise :)

I went on a short trip to surf camp to surprise Vicki on her b'day!

sunny 20 °C

Thursday 24 april 2008 I took a plane to Heathrow(London) where I had to wait for hours and hours, got heaps of studies done though!!, for my plane to Sydney :D Where I arrived early early in the morning saturday 26 april - had heaps of plans that day but fell a sleep in my room at Lamrock Lodge on Bondi Beach. Oh well, it's not like I haven't been in Sydney before, but I was supposed to get some shopping done. Which I did the next day YEAHY!! cheap cheap cheap :D and after I met up with Jayne and Harley - had some nice asian food and some drinks. So nice to see them again and good to meet up with Jayne that totally understood the feeling of not really having been away from Sydney and Australia - it still felt like home - all the same :) Damn I've been missing my daily fresh energiser juice!!
Monday 28 april some known faces found my sitting at bay 16(?) at central ;) so I jumped on the big blue bus, my old second home at surf camp, and after some driving and a food-stop, we arrived at good old Waves Surf Camp... weird weird weird HaHaHaHa didn't really know what to do with myself as I didn't know any of the helpers and the Ben and Bry went to the beach with their I just sat around the cabana, got some more studies done when a car parked outside...a blond dude came into the bar and looked weird at me, he tried to ask who I was or what I was doing there - but I just told him to get Vicki. Which he did and she got just a tiny bit surprised :P HaHaHa funny!!
She loved the photobook I had made for her and kept telling the helpers what a crazy(I hope she ment fun crazy :P) person I was - Damn I had decided to actually almost be a decent person this time at camp...hmmm what to do what to do... - and Billy recognised me as well :D that little cutiepie!! Wanted to be carried right away HaHaHa which he doesn't really need to be now as he doesn't chase cars and buses anymore. Good for him!
That night we had a good, pretty decent, party with champagne and other yummi drinks :) Happy B'day Vic!
Next day I realised nothing had really changed at camp - same old same old - it's all about food, how many punters are coming, vehicles to fix, horses to get back in(luckily there's none cows or chickens anymore!!), helpers to kick in the butt to make them clean properly and understand that the more ppl help the quicker everything is done and then everybody get to go to the beach :P, ipods and vicki stressing around with the phone in one hand, cigarette in another, and talking to 5 different ppl at once while doing paperwork, instructors to chase to make them do to paperwork part of their job, which is routine and basically two sheets - one on monday and one on tuesday :P, taking ppl to the big busy local hospital in Bulahdelah and all the other shit that happens. Never one day without a couple of problems occuring at camp, and still all I did was laugh...cause I know Vic will get it fixed somehow - even though the mechanic, plumber or anyone just shake their heads...
Even though I was at camp for only ten days, we did manage to party quite alot, fun fun but I think I was a bit too decent, at least the parts I remember... ;)
Since it's almost winter in Australia in April/May, there wasn't any midweek or weekendcrew - so we had movienights and Vicki bought prawns for Ingrid, Ben and me Yummi Yummi Yummi and she also made me yummi burritos twice on my short visit - thanks vic :)
I didn't really see any scary bugs at camp this time - too cold I guess, but Ingrid had a tiny tiny spider on her shoulder I didn't dare to take it away HaHaHa and the day after I was attacked by a butterfly when I was sitting nice and quiet reading my book....this beautiful butterfly, at a distance, decided that my hair looked really nice and wanted to get closer from a couple of different angles - and as most ppl know - butterflies are not very cute close up.... so I ran into the office and Vic and Ingrid had a long, good laugh at me... :-/
Other stuff happening was going to the beach with the bus once, and another day Jayne took me and Ingrid to a nudist beach - with no nudists HaHaHa and Jayne also made dinner for us a couple of times - yummi yummi :D she had such a nice home close to Blueys, but yesterday she ran off with a swedish helper to Cairns :D
And I got to visit the best town in the world!!!! Taree - def. a place to go if you're on the east coast!! :P
Also visited Tea Gardens and Forster, had a nice lunch in a cosy little garden in Tea Gardens my last day, and we had brekky/brunch/lunch in Bulahdelah at Detours almost everyday. They got the best special ICED CHOCOLATE!!! and then of course billy the dog gets his billyburger there everyday :) HaHa hilarious
On my last day we also had to go alarmclock hunting, cause I had managed to forget my phonecharger and therefore didn't have any alarm for the morning I was going flying out of Sydney. The first one we bought was cute and pink - LOVED IT!! but it wasn't very trustworthy so we found another boring one which we couldn't understand - it was NOT possible to get the correct date and time, so then finally Vicki found a travellers one for me that we all - Vic, Ingrid and me, could understand :) But at the same time both Ingrid and Vic treatened me that they wouldn't let me go on the bus to Sydney...and when we waited for it and guessed between trucks if it was the bus they still said they wouldn't let me on the bus... shit would my mom be angry at me then!!!
But got on the bus and it was really sad, arrived in Sydney at midnight, stayed at Wake Up and left early the next morning. Arrived in Oslo airport really tired - cause ppl think its a good idea to have babies on planes. First I had one a couple of seats in front of me from Sydney to Hongkong, from there to London there was one one row behind me and same on the plane from London to Oslo - GRRRRRRR So I didn't get any sleep the two days I was travelling - but did get to see heaps and heaps of movies though and some tv series! I can def. recommend Virgin Atlantic's selection of movies! But I'd rather be able to have at least a couple of hours sleep with no screaming babies!

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